Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why I'm supporting Lisa Waldock for the NEC Young Members Seat

Nominations are open for the NEC, and as I am not eligible for the Young Members Seat I am supporting Lisa Waldock in her election bid.

Lisa is currently Vice Chair of the National Young Members Forum, giving her an important experience of UNISON at a national level. I am always impressed by her absolute dedication and energy.

I believe Lisa is the candidate who will not only work hard, but will keep the young members she seeks to represent at the heart of what she does (not only during the election but throughout).

Now it's up to Branches to nominate, and I hope your Branch will nominate her her. For more information then get in touch with her at

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Demonstration to support the people of Gaza

Today I was in London for the TUC Young Members Forum, we agreed the issues which will go on to the Young Members Conference - Low Pay (to include issues around the Minimum Wage, Apprentices and Public Sector Pay), Political Participation (to include the the European Elections and combating the Far Right) and Trade Unions in Schools.

After the meeting I was able to go with a colleague from Equity to the Palestine demonstration. Getting there just as the last people were setting off I was eventually able to find the National Banner and march with fellow NEC members (including President Sue Highton and Chair of the International Committee Alison Shepherd) and National Officers. I also saw a fair few Branch banners there too.

The situation in Gaza is incredibly disturbing and worrying for the safety of the whole region. UNISON has consistently condemned the Israeli action called for an immediate ceasefire along with condemning Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians.

Outside the Israeli Embassy it was a real crush and we had to take the banner down to get through (with the help of some very nice police officers). I've just been reading some disappointing news reports about trouble there (thankfully after we'd got through). There had been some trouble earlier outside the back of the Embassy with burning placards and people climbing the gates. I also get disappointed by the treatment of Police Officers (who after all are just doing there job) and am saddened that officers were attacked and knocked unconscious.

Friday, January 9, 2009

NEC Elections

Today I have written a letter to branches in the West Midlands seeking nomination for the West Midlands Male Seat in the UNISON NEC Elections. I have had a brilliant experience on the NEC in the young members seat but alas age catches up with us all. I really want to use what I've learned on the NEC so far on behalf of members in the West Midlands.
(clearly no union resources were used for any on this)